- Prenatal and Childbirth Education


Do you have a busy life that doesn't allow for much time to attend a childbirth class?

Come out to this class and learn the basics that will help you negotiate labor and birth with confidence!

This is a single 2 1/2 hour evening class

     Cost $60.00 plus HST (67.80)
If using PayPal cost=69.60

  • learn about the process of labor, when to go to the hospital or call the midwife
  • find out how to help ease the discomfort of labor naturally
  • learn about medical interventions; pain management, epidural, fetal health surveillance, induction, assisted vaginal birth, cesarean section
  • learn what to expect during the birth of your baby
  • learn about routine newborn care

You will receive a great booklet titled "Understanding Birth". This comes with web app access that lets you access videos and great information to support your learning!

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